Sunday, October 29, 2006

+..Back to WORK already..?..+

Bah! Its Sunday.
Tomorrow the sun will shine and please let me unwelcome you back to reality...Monday!

But err...much to all of your dismays, and my added, MSG-ed and spiced glee, I will still be on leave til Tuesday. Woohh! I love my office. Tho, there are still loads to do but heck! It's my holiday. I deserved to pamper meself in the err...lazying around dept.

So, Raya came and went. I'm quite happy and contented as the previous kids that I've gossiped about, y'know the ill-mannered lil devils? They still haven't shown their faces around. Uhuhu i hope they're spending their Raya somewhere near the Artics.

Raya this year was so much OK compared to last year cos it went the way I like. Less people, more relaxing at home and just meeting people who I wanna see a.k.a my friends. I'm looking much forward to meet Mdm USA : the 5-years online gal pal I met when I broke up with V last two years. Uhuhu...can't wait!

My house was opened for Raya yesterday for a lil crowd. Well, first and foremost, I didn't have ALL of my friends' and colleagues' phone numbers. Secondly, I know a lotta friends are still at their kampung far-far away and thus couldn't make it. So, why must I send SMS for things that are too obvious?

Boe came with his rock-grungy look, not to my err expectation as he's working on Saturdays. Well, Saturday is his dress down, and usually on Saturday, we will always go outstation for outdoors (mis)adventures. Nay, I didn't introduce him to Dad like,
"Hey Dad? This is Boe, your future son-in-law.."
I'll wait until he's really into *It* and THEN I'll introduce him proper. This is more mature-like kinda introduction. As *friends*... Again, why waste that few minutes intro, and repeat the same thing again the next year if your relationship fails.. (GOD FORBID!!)

I just wanna be more practical in a sense that doesn't really goes into the typical Malay culture. Y', when I was asked to bring my stronger other half to my Kampung, and all the aunties, the uncles and the grannies kept repeating that typical Malay kinda questions,
"When can we taste your Nasi Minyak? (popular wedding dish)"
"You've already passed that marriage-able age...bla-di-bla and blah-blah"

BAH! I hate it. So my templated answer would be,
"Ala, [fill in their names here...], just pray for my mate to be someone worth my Uterus and eggs, OK?"
Of course I couldn't really answer these golden aged up to their satisfaction and expectation, but again, the same thing goes when you're already married, and the question would be,
"When can we get to see/ meet your baby?"
So it will always be that never ending story, just to satisfy *some* people.

Then why bother, right?
Why can't they step out the ordinary, be creative and greet me with
"Hey, look...I've met a nice lil chap with nice lil house and car..and he's a good guy and stuff, probably you two can meet up and get to know each other?"
Bah! In your dream....taichee...after all, where should I stuff my already stronger other half?
In my socks?


On another unrelated story,

Zura, Boe and I spent the rest of our lazy Sunday afternoon with karaoke session. My other sweet lil thang friend couldn't come, so the mike were just for the three o' us. Unlucky for Boe, he sprained his neck and lost the mood to sing. Nevertheless the song that captured my heart
was sung by him and uhuhuh cairrr balik....lalallalala~@! I wonder how he sounds like when he recites the Quran and azan?


There goes a week Raya holiday.

Oh yes, SB clan went to Malacca to visit Arin's newborn baby, Sufiah Hanum.

The misadventure began when the four wheeler smoked and drained the whole radiator. Dilot and I was arguing on why the air-cond was suddenly so hot and humid. She was (as usual the ever so hard-headed) complaining about the thing I accidentally disturbed and tried to blast the temperature to 25- 30 degree celcius (which logically spelt HOT!). I was not in the mood to spoil the nice drive, so I opened up the window, and that works only temporarily...

To my horror, I saw a thick smoke and the temp was rising to its max. Great! Parents were already zoomed farther and we made a pull-over to a nearby resting area. Tried to call PLUSLINE for help. But heck! they were not even trying to make any follow-up calls but instead (probably called their *kereta tarik* counterparts) bright green jackets wearing people in Kancil and Iswara came over and pretend to help. AS IF I was so in distress, plus the four-wheeler was full of ladies...

I said, look I've already called PLUSLINE, and awaiting their truck to come and help us.
"But they will be so busy to help you...and further they wouldn;t know how to repair this radiator"
"Never you mind. I've paid the bloody toll and expect that they would eventually use our money to help in some kind.."

and the waiting agony was like...30- 40 minutes? That's it. I asked Taro and Piko to go and fill in some water in these bottles, and gave 'em RM10 to buy new ones...

"We're gonna do this on our own. Bloody blood sucking PLUSLINE!!"

Parents were already panicking. Well, my name is not *taichee~@!* if I couldn't handle small things like this. I said if thing gets any worse, we'll make a u-turn to KL. But knowing the misadventurist yours truly...i made it thru to Klebang Besau and got to see Sufiah Hanum, and ate yummilicious Malacca delicacies, cooked by MakNgah. Uhuhuh, i already miss that Gulai Lemak Nanas Ikan Masin!!

We only reached KL around 10 ish at night (from 6 pm) after every 30 minutes stop and fill drills (the radiator)and continued to visit Uncle Man and family. Lethargy hit me, but Boe said, "Well, its Raya, and will only be celebrated once a year..." Uhuhu we kept on texting each other as I've joined his smoked and dried radiator club.

Lucky lucky moi...I still have two days to spend. Boe needs me to help send his truck to Jln Tun Razak's service centre. I need to do some montage and a drafted brochure. On a quick meeting by Tuesday (thanks Kama, you've ruined my holiday) and back to the office by Wednesday.

By then, it was a week well spent. I met Madam M, Zura, Inas, *Sofia-Suraya* bwahahah, Mr. Chia, the Promudans, Vitz and her beau, and the rest of the batalion...eheheh. Well spent indeed...

~..bad backache taichee due to washing up gigantic pots and pans..~

Friday, October 20, 2006

+..Uik? Raya already?..+

Time flies in super fast forward this time. Or so I thought. Ramadhan earlier, I wasted a week in Tawau. The past 2 weeks and now was in between pause moments and blurry pictures. Blurry because it went so fast, schwoop..! All you experienced was the sensation, like tickles to your foot.

Then, suddenly next week is already Raya! OMG! Where have I been all this time.
I don't even spend my time with my other friends for break fasting, only with Sutun and Vits.
That was because of its conveniently located nearby the office.
On weekend?
Well, other than busying myself to meet Boe for car window shopping and Raya shopping,
most of the time was spent with family for spring cleaning, family shooping and Gala Iftar with the rest of Zubir's clan. One big whole bunch of havoc! I just had two iftar sessions with Boe.
One wasted down the drain (as both are not much an eater) the other was adventure.
We went to two places the same night, that took 45 mins drive away.
He wanna eat Teppanyaki at the first place but I want to buy shoes that I saw at another place. And that another place doesn't have any Teppanyaki outlets. As I can't delay buying the shoes ( it might attract another prospective buyer, you see) I insisted him to drive me there. He ended up buying a Limited Edition raya shoes himself, and the bonus?
We got 40% off the total price! Totally Priceless...

This Ramadhan I patched my missing link with Madam M, my long lost Science Foundation friend back in MU.
Since she had nobody in town to talk to (in depthly), I become closer to her (with ym, definitely). My finance was in a state of haywire, I thought of shortwire the whole thing, but thanks to Allah, my patience with that *guy* paid off. Although not as much as RM20K, but it helps lessen my financial hiccups. Where is he BTW? Surely he enjoys using my RM20K to buy his Raya goodies?

Mom forewarned me to attend another Gala Iftar with Zubir's clan on Raya Night this Monday.
Vitz makes me drool on her proposal to eat hot lemang with Rendang Ayam the same night.
Thanks to her fab mother who is excellent in cooking Negri Sembilan's dishes, I am an official addict to it. Help! I'm in a dilemma. Last two years, only Sutun managed to experience eating Lemang piping hot, straight from its *burner* as I was always away to attend Nenek's Kenduri Raya. Mom also announced that this year we will have our own Takbir Raya Event at home.
Takbir Raya is actually an event where a small group of neighbours who walk from house to house
and do the Raya takbir (the praising of Allah). We will have to prepare simple but yummilicious food to cater for them. Mom plans to cook spaghetti, as the common practice 360 degree vicinity prepares Rendang, Ketupat and the usual Malay delicacies. B-O-R-I-N-G...

I was already in raya mood. Not because Boe's going to send his Marriage Proposal Team,
but I just wanna eat Raya cookies and just relax at home without expecting people to visit.
Except my friends..Not that I'm anti-social, but I hate watching ill-mannered kids who run around the house, enter/ exit then lock /unlock the hall's bathroom, just because it was not the convensional ones, play the indoor garden's sliding door like nobody's business and throw Raya cookies's wrappers virtually everywhere!

I hate to think when the same kids come and *visit* us this year, the pebbles lying around the indoor garden,
the two small aquariums, the indoor's water fountain and Jojo will be their next target of destruction. Like what they did to the sliding doors and the glass bathroom!! But can I do anything about that? No-ooo because they are *our* distance family. They related to the man who rent our home 5 years ago for years! I feel like eating them alive..and does the parents do anything for these lil devils? NIL!
Note to self: To lace the kids' drinks with sleeping pills

So, for Muslims who read my blog here:-

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir dan Batin...

Now need to go for my facial appointment. Ciou~@!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

+..Why Insecurities are Dangerous?..+

It was still Thursday Oct 12. I was down with my triple combo and hope that Boe will call up and ask how am I doing. But no-oo, i was instead doing that as I can't stand not listening to his voice. He was also on leave that day. He said he had no mood and his back hurt like hell.

I felt all wrong that day. Why Boe kept me in the dark about his leave and why can't he call? Then I remembered texting him 3 intuitive suggestions or recommendations...some sorta ideas that came thru me after he talked about his friend, T.

i don't like T as he is seen as a flirt. A guy who cheats and just wanna have fun without any commitments. I just don't want Boe to be like him.

SMS 1:
Boe, I don't want us to be like T and his ex...

SMS 2:
I give you three years. i don't mind waiting that long, but if you think you can't see any further from this relationship, then I would like you to permit me to marry somebody else. After all, my bio clock is ticking fast. I only want babies, and I don't care who the father is.

SMS 3:
Afterall, wa maakaruu wa maakarallah, wallahu khairul maakirinn..(Man plans, God also plans, But God plan's the best). Who knows, I might not live up to that day or I might not be able to conceive...

No reply afterwards...

That was the reason he took a day leave as (i think) I gave him headache...

He texted me later that night and asked me what do I really want. Just point it out to him and tell him straight. (As if I wanna break with him cos I'm having someone else..)Bah!

i just need your attention. Sometimes, I feel like I'm totally alone and lonely. Sometimes i feel like you ignore me, esp. when I'm sick. As if you don't really care abt me.

A little past midnite, Boe texted me:
i do miss u and don't lie about sorry for what I am...

Fright day...

On Friday, he called and asked about me. Ha Ha. But then another drama happened. He was on his way back when he mentioned a Southern Bank's employee's name. A gal i named Biachi. Biachi was one of Boe's teambuilding (TB) customers way back a month ago. He mentioned about Biachi who wanna meet him up before she leaves the TB's venue. Boe was actually the organiser. He declined the gal's request while he was on the fon with moi.

Little that i expected this Biachi was still on hot pursuit with Boe with her unreplied messages (or so, Boe claimed). I was filled with rage and jealousy as if Boe was unfaithful to moi. Boe explained that she already have a bf, but at the same time she wants my Boe. reason being? She put reasons like her bf beats her and he's having another gf. Huhuh..which Bollywood movie is this?

I was so enraged with Boe.

I said, if you could shoo the Shell and the TNR gal to not contact you, why don't you do the same to Biachi?

>>I didn't reply any of her messages at all

> but it's been a month long!!

>>I just ignore her, sooner or later she would bore herself, and btw, i've already said that i have you. if she wants, we could go out together...but she said,"seganlaaa"

>yes! because she just want to date you, not with me around! Just tricked her into a date, and surprise her with my presence, laa! this Biachi must be something, right? Unlike the Shell and TNR gals, she's fair skinned, small and thin...she's prettier, that's why you layan her, right?

>>OMG! i really hate it if you kept thinking that way...

(shorthened the drama)

He sms-ed me and he said he hated it when i speak merepek like that...something that I creatively thought to put the blame on Boe. He said he don't know what else to be done. It seems like I hurt his feelings by inventing my own story to befit my own ideas of men's attitude towards women. He said I might be doing the thing (unfaithful)to him, and that's the reason of my sms.

i relayed that i hate Biachi so much for woo-ing Boe and I could not tolerate Boe's biasness towards Biachi. Why can't he treat Biachi like he treated Shell/ TNR gals last time?

He hates my attitude and said, if he really wants Biachi, he will tell me straightforwardly. Well, he is a point blank kinda person. I know he won't bluff about things he's sure of.

>> Look *taichee*, I do love you but Im not going to talk to you as long as you don't want to change this attitude, if you still wanna argue..better we stop it here...think with your brain, not with your heart...


>>What does that mean? Goodbye? honest *taichee* want me to go?..

>NO! I just hate that w*$#e and your biasness with her!

>> you know what I meant...or you just pretend to not understand it. It's *you*

after a long pause...and after reading some notes i made on our journey as a couple...after a long, long history of my insecurities towards men (beginning with Pacai, Amir, Vi and so forth..yeah THAT long...i still have my journals) I came to a conclusion:-

I'm a jealous freako. i'm full of relationship insecurities. When I love someone so deep (like Amey), i tend to become so posessive and obsessive. I should slow down my emo graph and accept Boe as he is now. Too much emo is not good, it could kill a good relationship like what we are already experiencing.

I apologise to Boe, by saying that i was a bit far off the chart.

He called me at 3 am Saturday to talk about this heart to heart. He wants me to be around and that he is serious about what he said. He didn't say the L word just yet but he said, he never do things half way. If he's in, he means business. Yeah so business-minded la pulak. But then again, being the learned person that he is, he said, jodoh, ajal dan maut di tangan Tuhan. Man proposes God disposes...

We talked for an hour before sahur. He had to go to work by 830. So we kissed and made up.

By 1 pm Saturday, I was at his office, and begin a new happy laughing day for both of us.

So people, once you feel insecure, communicate. iron it out and talk. We women always have this problem regardless of how successful, how beautiful, how lucky we are. Its in the X genes, OK? Lucky Boe is full of patience and know how to manouvre me around. Like a good khalif, he learns and he perfected that with his actions. Not just empty talks. He's a good decision maker and he's firm as err.. rock! A no-nonsense man he is...I think I'm lucky to have him as my 30th birthday present!

Note to self: Alhamdulillah... Kenapalah, tak syukur-syukur? Apa lagi aku nak, ha?

+..A spoonful of honey..+


I was very sickly last Thursday, as i had double whammy illnesses, diorrhea and gastricitis. Both of which made me threw all my sahur food like those fire hoses thru the front exit and leaking pipe thru the back. Great combi huh!

That good Thursday morning, when I was having my fave tongkol pindang, a Johor delicacy with a pinch or two cili padi ( raw, and you break it to half for more flavour) and sambal ikan already warned all of us (inc. dad and Piko) to take a spoonful of honey before eating. As I was lazy to open the tight lid, i kept on eating...and gobbled all my sahur with a glass of frothy milk. Lazat! I continued my work til 615.

I reached the office by 720 and already printing all the necessary docs to present to my new Big Boss as the project will only be approved by him. By 745 he was in and we talked about it with great details (inc. some other topics that a bit off). He was his usually bubbly self, spilling his ideas on paper and continued talking and listening to my own input. Then, i was in excruciating if someone ripped my inner tummy lining off and brought it all up nearing the heart (or issit that bad?). I felt like dying...

I had to excuse myself as The New Big Boss already saw my face tightened and already felt like crying...

I ran down the ladies and you can guess the comic relief there...every intermittent minutes (about 5-7 mins?) i felt the pain jolting my veins and i had to crunch the tummy to make it less painful. But it didn't. So i wailed silently.

The doc nearby said it's angin (wind?). well its gastricitis which i rarely get. Especially in the month of Ramadhan. This must be the twang of that pindang, sambal and milk. A total No-No for sahur. I went home with extreme difficulty to steer Obit while holding on. I took all the drugs to lessen the pain but the effect only worked about half an hour later. There goes my fast...

I was probably in coma 3 hours later when i heard Dad's and Piko's voices. Dad was home at 1600? That early? I learnt that both Piko and Dad were having the same double whammy like i had too.

How about Mama, you asked?

Thanks to Allah. She was the only one who survive the catastrophy. She was the one who made herself busy that day preparing good iftar food for the sick family and ran around to make sure we had our meds and wore our socks and rub hot oil behind the knees.

How on earth she was spared then? I guess, with a spoonful of honey she took that morning, with a salawat and with the name of Allah...God forbade the two sickness on her. Imagine...only a spoonful of honey.

I called in sick again the day after just to make sure I didn't shat my undies. Well, i nearly shat in them while I was with the New Boss and while waiting agonisingly at the clinic...That night all of us had high fever. Great! Now that's what I called a Great Ramadhan sickness combo!

So, children, take only a spoonful of honey for a healthier you...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

+..Murah pun tak guna..+

Hmmm last Saturday Boe and I checked the Ford Focus 2.0 pre-owned sale at Amcorp. Man! That car rocks! It is meant for those who crave for powerful car.

"Tapi Naz, kereta tu 2.0, minyak lagi, maintenance lagi, insurance road tax..." my dad said
"ala bah! check je...dia kata from RM54,XXX..tu nak tau tu kenapa murah sangat"

and i texted Boe about this as he has friends in Ford.

"u nak for sure ke? if u nak bebetul, i can book for u, komfem 110% dapat!"
"err..tapi tulah, nak tgk dulu la B..."

then, on that day, i had to wait for B until he finished his work at 1230. We went there and he were greeted by his friends.."alamak brudder! Apesal lambat sangat? Dah sold out by 10 am dah!"
"semua habis, mcm goreng pisang panas...Ranger, Escape, Hurricane, Focus, Ghia...tinggal RX je"
"tulah! U tak sure nak. if u book awal2 insyaAllah kita dah balik naik Focus nih..."
"uhuhu, B jom balik la!"

and guess what the actual price of Ford Focus 2.0 full rally spec is only RM90 K and for *my*( perasan aku punya) Focus can fetch up RM76 K! giler murehhh....and that car's maintenance superb, mileage below 3 K and less than a year. Ada road tax up to June 2007 lagi! pre-owned because the managers used them for demo and display.

Gilers...menjerit-jerit B tak percaya harga tu. I, meanwhile took the SOLD car for a spin. uhuhu! I felt the surge of power anf force with that car. I love the steering and the gadgets inside. i love the seat, i love the acceleration. and i hate the new owner so much!

Well, lagipon aku tau aku tak mampu pon walaupun murah kan...tayar dia jek dah 17, minyak agi, parts fully dari UK, insurance bagai. But if gaji aku RM4 ribu...komfem Focus tu dlm genggaman aku yg gilerkan kuasa...

Takpelah, Obit pun ok lagi. Minyak mureh, roadtax 30 hengget ja..maintenance tak pernah melampaui Rm100. so surplus money yg ada tu, leh simpan beli umah plaks.

IF ONLY AKU TAKDE TERIKAT NGAN BR, DISEBABKAN DUIT YG JOWHAR GUNA SECARA HARAM yg AKU TAK HALALKAN DUNIA AKHIRAT, insyaAllah senang sikit aku leh bernafas. Tapi sekarang..mmg mensedihkan..ikat perut beb tetiap bulan. insurance takaful aku pun pending tak berbayo. wasted je...




Wednesday, October 04, 2006

+..entry dr rumah..+

Aku tak bawak balik lappie ke rumah. Sekarang ni, tengah sibuk menaip menggunakan desktop yg dah lama aku tinggalkan. Rasa kejanggalan yang semacam. Tapi takpelah kan...

Streamyx di rumah ni ada angin pasang surut. Terima kasih la TM...kau buat kitorang bayar RM99 with substandard service. tadi DSL line ada lip lap lip lap...untuk kesekian kalinya (dan tah ke berapa), baru dia connected. Dulu aku tanya, TM kata takde pizza lagi. Nak aku orderkan kat Pizza Hut? Dok sebok jual modem bagai, tapi fasilitinya masih di limbungan awan kelabu. Bah!


Aku sebok membaca sejarah aku yang dulu. Aku termenung buat kerja di ofis hari ni. Termenung jauh ke suatu tempat..termenung akan consequences sensitiviti aku kat kata-kata org yg sayang aku. memang aku sesal. tapi damage done...and aku ngeri nak dengar lagi...takut! I was that selfish?
Sampai apa bos suruh aku buat, lepas Zuhr tadi baru terhegeh terkejor2...siap boleh beli murtabak lagi for buka.

Kadang-kadang terfikir jugak...kenapa aku ni sensitif tak tentu pasal? Tapi kan, kalau situasi macam tu kena kat batang idung korang, mesti korang pun kecik hati. katalah kan..

eh! aku benci la ko merokok kat sini, apa kata kau merokok jauh-jauh...sebab aku benci sangat?


Apa kata you beli perfume Mr. Mist tu. harga dia RM10 je. tapi komfem lepas tu bau badan hilang...

apa korang rasa? tapi yg di atas tu contoh je lah. Tak ada kena mengena ngan aku pon..tak caya ni ha bau la ketiak..

Sometimes, org bercakap mmg kasar semacam. Aku tau la dulu aku dok Johor. lagi kasar beb! Tak caya tanya la geng2 Johor aku. Kutuk org mmg best je. tapi tu culture dia. Once aku pindah negeri lain, lain pulak culture dia. Thats what i learned la. Sampai dah biasa amik hati orang, bila terkena batang idung...ades...tertusuk arrow bull eyes beb~@!

But aku tahu, niat dia lain. And its for the good of me jugak. tapi tak tahulah, lately..i feel so stress up, depress and rasa lonely semacam. A lotta things happened. Cousin aku si Arin dah selamat melahirkan Sufiah Hanum (congrats weh! i like). Kaklong ngan Danialnya, Neni ngan 2 org hero dan heroin, Izah pun dah 5 anak. And as my previous entry dulu suggested, mmg aku tension bila tgk anything related ngan babies. Sbb aku masih single...

Manalah mama tak rasa lain macam? I'm already 30 and the eldest pulak tu.

Hari tu, sorang cina dok puji abah aku hensem. Dia kata wah!
ni mesti anak semua sudah besar...Mama kata yelah, paling tua 30. Cina tu tanya,
sudah ada berapa cucu? Takde lagi...but i'm looking forward kata mama. Then cina
ni pulak menambah lagi, aiyah! Uncle banyak hensem, takkan anak takde org

No wonder la mama dok tenung aku punya lama dat day. Then, dia pesan suh buat solat sunat banyak2. Aku nak cakap apa lagi? Memang dah ditulis takdir aku macam ni. Memang ada niat nak ubah takdir sendiri. So i need to change e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. for the better.

aku dah tanak lagi huha huha (like menonjolkan diri in arts n stuff)...nak kua pun dah malas. Aku mintak cuma jodoh aku dipermudahkan...and aku minta aku akan jadi isteri yg taat dan solehah. sekurang2nya kalau doa tak makbul, ia akan jadi pahala. Dapat tak dapat, itu secondary. Usaha tu ada...jodoh pertemuan dan maut ditanganNya...kalau ada, adalah...

Aku ingat dulu time memula masuk keje, aku rasa perangai aku banyak happy-go-lucky. Tu yg kengkadang org tgk aku ni immature. They don't think i'm serious. Lately, aku rasa aku dah tua sangat. Banyak dah slow down..dah takde happy-happy. org joke pun aku rasa serius. teruk kes nih!

what happened to me?
aku kena jumpa Vit n sutun selalu. Zura...fauzan...cos, they make me wanna laugh out loud. if not, senang2 je aku tinggalkan my old self...and i miss me in that sense...

Anyho, hari ni aku dapat berita mengejutkan...
aku cuma harap Madam M tabah...mesti ada hikmah disebaliknya...

Till later, i'm tired mentally.
But thanks to my stronger other half, he leads me back to normalcy...and i crave for him to teach me stuff again. the positive stuff, of course. What were you guys thinking?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

+..Final audit Day in Tawau! 29th Sept..+


Kak Sab was crying with joy for today's work. mana taknya, when she was away, her second child was having fever. Poor working mother like her. Poor single woman like me ( i want to have my own kids, ok). Bah! Anyway, we were transported with a different higher land cruiser *turtle* this time. Lucky both of us wore slacks so we actually had to climb up with so much effort due to the absence of a simple stepper. We finally exchange this turtle with a D-Max. Har har...maklomlah kaum-kaum comel kan...

Today we were stationed at TRO where we last discussion are needed to wrap up the findings on both standards. I, meanwile, were struggling to type as fast and having to summarise the long-non-stop statements uttered by the disgruntled scholar. bah! Can't you just shorthened your speech, sir?

So from 10:15 - 3:00 pm, I was bogged to do reports in a lovely format to be viewed during our closing meeting by all the estate managers and their big bosses. The room has English ambience in it. The walls are nailed with ancient pictures during the English settlements. It was historic! I got to see the ancient topo map for the whole estates...

At 3pm, i stopped to rest and handed the lappie to Kak Sab for her closing. I took my own liberty for my own sweet time and talked to B. He sounded like he was sick or something...well...really need to see him as soon as I'm in KL. poor botak bf of mine...

From 330 - 530pm, the meeting ended. There goes Kak Sab's and my plan for a *pasar gantung* or the friendly local market nearby BMP. It was just a stone throw away less than 5 mins walk. But due to time constraint...we abandoned ship and luckily Pn. CT and Ainina already bought us amplangs, fresh prawns, crabs and fish (for minimal payment je..)and oh yes! free kedondong from Abaka's fertile ground! We couldn't thank them enough for their hospitality and kindness and patience when we raised non-fulfillments...but well..these are good people...will miss Mak Mah the most for her cooking!

We rushed back with a sedan now and quickly took shower, change to baju kurung and Asr' prayer before their open air iftar session at BMP. Man! the food varies, lotsa seafood, veges, roast lamb, desserts, ABC...steamboat and stuff. I managed to share plateful of food with Kak Sab. Huehue..kang kambang balik badan, bah! Can see that my face is narrowing thin. Hehehe...Best best i feel so jelita mwahahhaa.

At the ladies table, we heard estate ghost stories and other stuff as well...chitty chatty for another hour after our Maghrib prayer ( bangga gak when Pn Ct the SM chose my room), we ended the iftar in good hope. Exchange kind words and asked for forgiveness during our tenure there. Maklomlah kan..manusia ni tak perfect.

Back in my room, I changed to my pajama, re-packed my bag for the goodies, recharged my fon and watched 2 movies that nite eventho my eyes were already heavy. I watched School of Rock and Paycheck before finally succumbing to a deep blissful sleep (where i met B, :p).

By 715 the next morning, we were off to Tawau airport and back in KL by noon (and B picked me up, and i bought him a square yellow sign - Proboscis Monkey Ahead 500 m- ehehheh) Dan-dan masa tu jugak nak gantung kat Ranger dia.

Huh...thanks to AL for convincing my immediate boss for me to go for a full audit observation. My experience and what I've learned are totally priceless!

+..Day 3 (28th Sept)..+

Today we started the day at 7am as the team needed a round-up discussion of findings. Dr. R unfortunately woke up late and we had another 15 mins delay. The last two days, he left his laptop underneath the meeting table and his expensive shoes in another car. i wonder what will he do today? Ehehhe...

Today's trip was another eye opener. Someone previously said as a-matter-of-factly, that our client will definitely full of NCRs. Well, he definitely swallowed what he said to them today. I felt like slapping his mouth and said, "Eat this". Lucky my self control was at its peak. muwahahah...
At this new estate, the handsome manager in charge was implementing their own composting ground. It is manned with
3 big plower machines amounting to three Merce SLKs! From afar, it looked like corpses...(hantu pocong ehehhe). I was truly amazed with their effort and R&D was being carried out to elevate the mineral contains necessary. Their new mill meanwhile was not fully run as they have just begun their operation in April. We went up Tiger Hill with 4WD and the area was breathtaking! As Dr. Y put it, the area was not conducive for oil palm trees as it was more than 30 degrees slope. It is maintained as cocoa planting area. Nice! The view and my phone had full bar signals! yay! I managed to call B while he was busy (mwahaha) and we had a coupla minutes talk.

The Tiger manager, as we named him was what its name suggested. He was a good manager who knows his ground very well. We visited the estate and witnessed the harvesting and
spraying activities. There, I learned about Bugis women who happened to be the sprayers. When we asked them whats the use of their small lovely parang (with carvings), the Tiger manager said, "oh! you know they won't use it for will be with them as a culture like the traditional Bugis women who brought along their small parang for their own protection..."
No wonder ler...lawa bah parang kau ni..and Dr Y eyes were wide opened as he's a parang collecter. Another side of Dr. Y besides having a vast knowledge of forestry and environment. I happened to practice my Sabah dialect here but it was slightly different from KK's..oh well...

I learned alot from my team as they asked questions, how they see things..and their own personality.
Egotistical, humble, friendly and willing to share their knowledge. i have my own personal favourite as teachers...

On the afternoon session after visiting the estate's office for another records findings...Mr. H brought us to the original Tawau hospital where we got to see
some Operation Theater (OT) antiquities..Man! I was deep to view the old scalpels, the odd horror looking OT table and whatchamallits in there! And the rare 1930s-1950s books! Whoohoo precious to nerdo like moi! The manager also brought us to see ancient Japanese graveyards and the morgue. (gory huh? they were joking about bringing in the Seekers, bah!). Later the most anticipated trip was to Taman Bukit Tawau and Taman Bombalai, both are National Reserve forests. We witnessed how our client buffered their plantation area and the entrance. Mr. Roslizan the friendly ranger showed how they marked their forest using red paints onto their trees.

We were then brought to witness the
full blossoms of rare forest orchids! It was indeed a marvellous trip...i got to snap few piccas with my handphone. And again, i miss B so much as he's an ardent photographer with his Nikon D70s DSLR...bah! if only I could come here again with him...

All the estate managers asked us to join them for their iftar session with their Director. What to say? Makan Free lagi maa...(with that clothes already stuck to your skin and our bodies smelt like goat - we had no choice but to go along).

All of us reached BMP around 8 ish, took my long bath again and slept like a baby. Until B called me up...eheheh he was about to meet Amin to share some knowledge. thats what i love about him, he's never stingy with any knowledge he has...crazy, garang, perfectionist, caring, classical guitar playing, good photographer, outdoor lover, good in cooking, sports playing, creative, goodwith computers, at the same time, jgnla cuba nak berhujah about religion with him, especially if your knowledge is peanut like mine...he's above par in that area. Uwaaaaaa~@! Lama tak ngedet Boe nih...

Tomorrow will be our last day in Sabah. I returned B's call for him to fetch me and send me home. eheheh...Windu nye..

I noticed our sahur during the fifth day at BMP was already returning to its first day menu. So i only ate 2 pieces of toasts and fruits...

+..Tired but it rocks! DAY 2..+

Day 2:-

Yesterday, due to a much hyped Proboscis Monkey and 3 bottles of 600 ml Mud bottles - thanks to my excited loud mouth, everybody went seeking the two places(err, they gave it to me, betul...) we had to break fast at KGTI. Wooh! I love breaking fast at this part of the world as the time was only 1805!

Mak Mah the local cook made deliciously finger licking good ikan tongkol asam pedas and sweet and sour fried crab. We also had vege soup and home made cendol. There were also cream puff, sweet Bugis kuih and lepat. After all that worthy trip deep in the estates to see environmental buffer zone, that smelly sludge pond that stuck to you for hours and interesting plopping mud volcano? priceless...

Day 2, I pledge Kak Sab to wake at 4am instead. I was dead tired, and muscle went limb like jello after my long bath and applied mud on the face. Instead of watching TV, i dozed off like a baby. I even forgotten to call B afterwards since the time was not reflected correctly to me (still confused on semenanjung time and sabah's)

For Sahur, there was fried buttered prawns, much to my anticipating cholesterol thingy! And meehoon. Completed my round with coffee. Yummy. Then off to iron my clothes and dozzed another hour. This time, Pak Amran came at 630.

The things to see during this trip was another objective evidence prior to RSPO such as pesticides handling and storage, to witness harvesting and spraying activities, and guess what...hiking up a 1.2 km hill to see another buffer zone! In fasting month! can you imagine? Lucky I was so used to this compared to Kak Sab. But unlucky for me, the only place to get a better phone signal was at the peak, where there stood a two flights tower overlooking the estate. Bah!

We went down for a slippery and pacat infested area. The boot is made for this...ehehhe...then off to another mill to see another documents for records. This was the time for my eyes to cross and head spinning like crazy. I steal some time to rest at the comfy sofa while ears were listening to every details (tak percaya, kah?). It was not just me, but also Kak Sab, Dr. Rusli, Ainina and Dr. Zul. was a mistake to climb the hill during fasting month ler...

Meanwhile the afternoon session went a bit Ok..eventho my eyes were crazily trying to shut and i was crazily fighting it off...Hj Zen's place was a bit interesting as I saw younger men. least, to keep myself looked cool. (",) At least on the second day, we got some time to shower and shut our eyes for 15 mins at the lovely KGTI rest house ( i swear if there's a decent phone signals there, this is THE place for me to spend the night). Then off to yet another iftar session with Mak Mah's specialty - ayam masak kunyit, sambal ikan tenggiri, vege soup with homemade fishball and the most craving drink while we were up the hill - pandan coconut drink!

Kak Sab had to entertain another estate client for their closing of NCR, and err a OK looking guy too. So I have to wait till she finishes the thing and went back to BMP with Pak Amran. This time, i was seated at the front as the scholars were off earlier with another 4WD. Yay!

Got to call B before he went off for Terawikh, he told me his gastric worsen and affected the whole family, saying its pandemic in his housing area. What? gastric - pandemic? nay! it must be from your water source, B. Its contaminated! Uhuhu, asked him to take the gastric pill for sahur, but i know he will definitely forget to take it (or intendedly forgotten).

That particular nite, amazingly my eyes were wide open. I took the opportunity to write my findings report while the TV was tuned for Kaseh Ramadan and Tribe. I slept not later than 12 am.

Kept reminding self that sahur session will be at 4 am. Uhuhu...

+..Tired but it rocks! 25th Sept ~Day 1..+

I just got back from a week long away work to Tawau and Kunak district in Sabah. I broke my first fasting day on a plane to KK around 638 pm, transit there and flew another 45 mins to Tawau, and another half hour (with 140 km/h Land Cruiser) to Belmont Marco Polo (BMP). Whoohoo~@!

Our 4WD fit for 5 adults and I was of course sandwiched in the middle as Kak Sab said the *littlest* among them. Har Har...funny! BMP was not too shabby. After all it was sponsored by our clients there for a week long. How can I complaint? Kak Sab said she wanted to wake up around 330 am for sahur. Guess what? I couldn't sleep a blink and i stayed on til that time. I wasted my night with reports that needed to be amended and emailed ASAP to both bosses in KL around 12 ish. ehehehhe politik la tu...:p then browse my other emails if i need to do stuff..and other things to see and read...lucky the figure that my boss asked to find can be figured out thru the net. Cool!

330am...the sahur food was a bit mediocre so i ate honey dew and papaya first. Lucky there was some sort of bubur gandum, and i toasted some breads. There. Mom asked to bring a box of dates, and i put a note to the housemaid to take it to lighten my already heavy bag, together with packets of instant tea, chocs and other food as a token of appreciation for making my room smelled nice and in order because the bag was already filled with my Timberland shoes, amplang (a nice fish *chickedees*) and mud bottles taken from Kunak

We had to move to Kunak, another 140 km/h (50 minutes) drive at 730 am. Kak Sab was a bit quite as if in prayer. When we reached the main meeting venue, I was a bit disheartened to see my phone had only 1 lil minicule Celcom bar. bah! Pak Amran the chauffeur said i can get a better signal at one particular pole at one designated area. Great! Anyho, KGTI was a beautiful place overlooking a big lake surrounded by forest and also fronting a golf course. (but without any phone signals, I will die...)

Day 1:

I can truly say that the first half day was a bashing time (argue? duhhh) for both client and us, another half time was a great time as I got to see the rare and threatened Proboscis Monkey (one with big nose - looks like Mat Saleh?), volcano mud pool and the mill for the oil palm processing. Learnt a lot in one day and filled with excitement (you know how i love 4WD and stuff, my itchy self really wanna drive Defender in that deep estates). I wish Boe is with me that time, he'll definitely teaches me how to manouevre the muds, the hills and stuff. Uhuhuh...miss him like crazy!

to be continued...


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