Monday, April 12, 2010


I am HAPPIEST when I see this beloved kiddo - my cheeky, bijak and chomel nephew Ziyyad.
Gotta see and kiss and hugs and kiss and hug and kiss and hug my only nephew Ziyyad around 4ish pm today. As if he knew that I have to leave the house for work, he woke up on cue (automatically).

ini gambar, mak dia yang ambik

He is so-ooo adorable and cheeky and handsome. Ziyyad also remembers how I used to play upside down flying superman with him with the sound effect wooo wooo wooo wooo~@! Oh! I miss him already! Ziyyad please read the book mamalong bought for you animatedly hokeh!

I noe you looked so sad as I hafta leave early...tapi mamalong promise to bring you (and oso ur mama la of kos) for jalan jalan insyaAllah...kita hooray hooray nanti k! I so miss you :'(

Love you loads darling nephew!
emmuahsss <3 <3 <3

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